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Is your business in a saturated market? Is your industry highly competitive. If you answered yes to either of those questions then you're in the right place. At ERC Digital Marketing we know that companies in saturated markets need to find a way to grow, and that they can’t rely on the same old marketing tactics that everyone else is using.

You need an edge, a competitive advantage over the competition if you want to be successful in digital marketing. That means getting results that drive traffic, leads, and revenue through your website or social media channels. The problem is most of the strategies being used by other marketers aren't working anymore because they've been copied so many times it's no longer effective on its own.

Most businesses spend a lot of time and effort trying to attract new customers, but they're not getting results. That's because most businesses are spending money and resources on tactics, not strategy.  

How can ERC Digital help?

ERC Digital helps you grow your company through innovative digital marketing strategy that works in any industry or niche. We help you succeed by designing an effective online marketing strategy that will generate leads and revenue without breaking the bank. 

Our competitive based approach to digital marketing focuses on ROI driven strategies designed specifically for each client's needs. We begin with thorough research and analysis of your competitors, industry trends as well as market research on your target audience. And from there we build out a strategy and plan to help you attract more of your target audience to your business and brand online.

Our team is ready to work with you one-on-one so we can understand your unique situation and build strategies specifically designed for your business growth goals. We'll make sure everything aligns with what matters most to you - whether that means generating more leads online, increasing conversion rates, getting featured in publications or all of those things at once!

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What Some of My Clients Have to Say...

"Before working with Ellie, we had no digital marketing in place for our career development business. In one month, she had generated $42k worth of leads for our cybersecurity training program."

L. Wagner

CEO, Spark Mindset, Inc.
"Ellie provides proven strategies that get results quickly. She knows how to help you maximize your reach and grow your community online."

L. Moses

Productivity & Success Coach, More Than A Mother
"I was going to end the real estate vertical of my financial services firm when I reached out to Ellie. She created a strategy that blew our competitors out of the water."

J. Genovesi

CEO, Accel Commission Advance